Name & Address of the patient Diagnosis & Stage Earlier Treatment Period of Treatment at AAMRC Condition as on June 2014

Mr. Harold Knox 

Chronic Leukoplakia and leukocytosisTreated with different systems but without any relief

Conventional treatment at AAMRC (Sept 2005 )

No symptoms of disease after AAMRC treatment. Lives like a normal individual

Baby Ranjini
(Chennai, India) 

Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy

Diffused Cerebral Edema

Symptomatic treatment at Dr. Mehta’s Hospital, Chennai without any relief (Dec. 2012)

Classical treatment and continuation of medication at homeAfter one year of treatment the baby looked normal. Now she goes to play school

Mr. A.K. Koya
(Mavoor, Kerala, India) 


Gangrene of leg amputation advised (from MCH, Calicut)Palliative treatmentHerbal Medicine for one month followed by Biochip therapy for 10 days Nov. 1997Completely cured and goes for routine work.

Ms. Anju Maria John
(Pozhuthana, Kerala, India)

Psoriasis - lesions on head, arms and legs
Homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatment10 days in Sep. - Oct. 01Scaling on head cleared completely. Lesion on hand and legs are cleared. medication stopped since June 2002.
Mr. Sunil Kumar K.R
Hepatitis B infection reactiveDiagnosed from Abudhabi and treated at Royal Hospital Kunnamkulam12 days in Oct. 1998No relapse of the symptoms. The patient did not continue the follow up. However he reported to have Hepatitis B -ve reaction. Currently, no complaints healthy and happy.
Mr. P.J. Joseph
Parkinson's disease (advanced stage)Treated at Samaritan Hospital (Pazhanganadu) during 2001-2002 for intermittent vertiligo, difficulty in speaking,  dementia weakness. Treated at Lissy Hospital, (Ernakulam) in 2002-03 for advanced stage of the disease.Treated as out-patient at AAMRC since Feb.2003The patient is regaining memory power, doing normal routine activities, stroll etc. with/without minimum external support. Currently on maintenance dose.
Mr. Mohanan (Ponnani, Kerala, India)Hepatitis B, Gastritis, Piles and Hepato meagerly Dec 2008No specific treatment from elsewhere Dec 2008Classical SJ-29 TherapyFeels happy and contented with the earnings as an Auto Riksha Driver

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Other Treatments that we offer

1. Infertility:

Infertility is a major social and psychological issue in many childless couples. The reasons for infertility are many. At AAMRC, we have been able to provide effective treatment to childless couples to attain parenthood.

2. De addiction

Addiction to tobacco, alcohol and drugs is a social menace to one and all. AAMRC has helped to change and rehabilitate many addicted patients with our planned and systematic treatment for over two decades

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