Cancer Ayur Talk Series Part-V

SJ 29 Therapy for cancer cure

SJ 29 is a devine medicine invented by Dr. Zacharia Jacob in 1993. Since1995, this medicine prepared in traditional manner was given to hundreds of patients, resulting in unbelievable cure, extension of life span and relief of pain and sufferings. This invention was something not less than a miracle to everybody

Unique potential of SJ 29

Based on the good results, many supportive medicines were also developed. Protocols were also developed to treat any cancer patient at any stage of the disease.

SJ 29 is prepared in the form of drop concentrate and ointments. Internal administration of drops is done before food consumption

Table : 1 Dose and use of SJ 29 drop concentrate

Age Dose(diseased condition) Dose (Prophylactic condition)
Up to 1yr1 drop daily1 drop each for 3 months or more
1-5yr1 to 2 drops each daily1 or 2 drops each daily for 3months or more
5 -10yr2 or 3 drops each daily2 drops each daily for 3 months or more
10 – 15 yrs3 drops each two times daily3 drops each daily for 3 months or more
15 yr and above5 drops each two times or three times daily5 drops each daily for 3 months or more

*A minimum of Hb 9% should be maintained in all SJ 29 administered patients.

The drop concentrate is given to the patients according to the age and intensity of the disease. Hb % should be maintained around 9 by giving suitable iron supplements. No drops should be administered to patients whose Hb % is less than 9. In some cases supplementary medicines also should be administered for other bodily complaints, symptomatically and logically.

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