Anticancer medicines and treatment

Scientifically proved natural sources of anticancer principles are selected, processed without any degradation and used for the cancer therapy at the AAMRC Calicut. All treatments availed by patients, irrespective of their status (beginning or advanced stage/ radiated /chemotherapy received or not/post operated) are benefitted by way of cure, relief from pain and suffering and extension of span of life.

Treatment at AAMRC

Initially, a thorough examination of the patient is done to determine the disease status. The medical history, type of the treatment availed of and the medicines administered are also considered in determining the protocol for treatment. The duration of the treatment depends on the disease status and response to the medication. Depending on the response the patient is advised to take specific supportive therapy also.

The treatment at AAMRC is divided into three phases.

Stage 1 - Detoxification (cleaning the various organs of the body)

It is very important as the patient arrives at AAMRC ravaged by Cancer and the side effects of medicines. Often the body is filled with various kinds of toxin including residue of unutilized medicines, Cancer toxins, free radicals, metabolic waste etc. So it should be purified to get the maximum results of treatment. According to ayurveda, the purification procedures are important and are termed as Sodhana Chikilsa. There are three types of Sodhana Chikilsa.

1. Internal purification-it is the purification of visceral organs, using internal medicines.

2. External purification-purification of body using external medicines like application of Medicinal paste, the specialized Lepa called “ Karuthalepam & Yellow lepam”, and sodhana using specially formulated oils such as burn oil etc.

3. The third one is the purification of blood, Bio – chips (syn. Vishakkallu) are used by traditional Ayurvedic Vaidyas for treatment of snake & insect bitten patients. We have adapted this treatment techniques in a modified manner.

All these sodhana procedures are designed according to the condition of the cancer patient. We care giving mild laxatives every day.

Stage 2 - Treatment

Once the body is detoxified, the next stage is the treatment. Our special medicine SJ - 29 drop concentrate is administered. It destroys the Cancer cells and prevents their growth. It selectively kills the diseased cells. Besides, it is very safe and has got no side effects and no toxicity. But since it is a very complex disease a single medicine alone cannot do the job. We are using many other Ayurvedic drugs along with SJ – 29 for curative purposes.

The duration of treatment depends upon a variety of factors, such as, stage of disease, age of the patient, general health condition and response to medicine, etc, and one has to continue the medicine for a minimum of 6 months to a maximum a period of 2 years. We are constantly monitoring the patients using lab investigation, imaging technologies etc., during this period.

Lab tests are conducted for analyzing the stages of the disease and respective changes are made during the treatment. The medicines are continued as per the severity of the disease as prescribed.

Stage 3 - Rejuvenation

Before stopping the medicine it is always important to make sure that the body is completely free from diseased cells. Here we start the last phase of medicine called the “Rasayana” means rejuvenation of the body, since it is important to rejuvenate all the organs in the body to lead a normal healthy life.

But at times we cannot do all this to all, because most of the time we get patients in the advanced stages. In such cases we give utmost importance to increase the life span of the person and to alleviate the pain and suffering. In a case often the treatment is difficult. But there are reports of a few survivors from such conditions.

It is true that here the treatment is not yet perfect and we have to go much further. Each day newer and newer medicines are being developed and we also need help from other branches of science. Especially in the case of diagnosis and monitoring the progress we need modern diagnostic Labs. We also need help from modern medicine especially in the case of emergencies. Institutes like Amala Institute of Cancer Research have been encouraging our efforts in this field.

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