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Ayurveda is the ‘veda’ (science) of ‘ayur’ (life span). This Indian system of medicine is a gift of the ‘vedic’ ages and is being practiced even today in the traditional form. Unlike any other systems..

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SJ 29
As Prophylactic Cancer

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics covers state-of-the-art strategies to identify and develop cancer drug target molecules and lead inhibitors for clinical testing. It provides a thorough treatment of drug target discovery, validation, and development.

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Treatment for Cancer is done using Ayurvedic principles at Athulya Ayurvedic Centre. Ayurvedic herbs have been proved to cure cancer and also reduce the side effects of ChemoTherapy and Radiation Therapy. Biochip Therapy is used for Cancer detoxification…


AAMRC provides a homely atmosphere with 100% Hygienic rooms for accommodation & treatment. A state-of-the-art Panchakarma theatre and Yoga hall & a full-fledged vegetarian kitchen providing medicinal food according to the patients condition…

Anticancer Medicines

Scientifically proven natural sources of anticancer principles are selected, processed without any degradation and used for the cancer therapy at the AAMRC Calicut. These medicines give relief from pain and suffering and extension of span of life to patients...

Cancer Treatment

After thorough analysis of the disease status of each patient, detoxification procedures are done & Anti-Cancer herbal drops are administered according to strict medical protocols. Treatment duration depends on disease status & response to the medication…



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