Unique Sarcoma cure by Ayurvedic Medicines and Procedures

Zacharia Jacob

Athulya Ayurvedic Medical Research Centre (AAMRC)

To report a rare and unique healing Of Chondro, Synovical, Fibrous and Osteosarcomas using Ayurvedic medicines and procedures.

Representative patients who availed treatment from AAMRC, Calicut, during 1996-2014 were taken into consideration for this clinico-analytical study. They received cancer detoxification (Biochip Therapy) rejuvenation therapy and simultaneous administration of Ayurvedic medicines. The patients also received rejuvenation therapy for 21 days. Further, the medicines were continued and they periodically reported for follow up.

The first Chodrosarcoma patient (Mrs. D from Calicut) is cured completely and she did not have any complaints since she was discharged from AAMRC in 1996. Synovial Sarcoma (Mrs. V from Andhra Pradesh) who took treatment in 2013 is cured completely. Fibrous Sarcoma patient (Dr. M. Singh) is a cardiologist from west Bengal and he had repeated surgeries but of no use. Dr. Singh availed treatment from the Centre in 2009 and recovered from the disease. However, he had a minor surgical intervention to clear recurrence like growth in the beginning of 2013. At present Dr. Singh is free from the disease. There are two cases of Osteosarcoma (Mr. W from Goa) who had amputation of his left leg and took treatment from the centre in 2013 for the recurrence of the disease with metastasis to lungs and liver. Presently he is free of Osteosarcoma and metastasis. Mr. S from Haryana was advised to amputate her left hand from the shoulder level but did not do so and instead availed AAMRC treatment in 2014. She is continuing the medicines and her pain and suffering were alleviated completely. All the above patients were at their terminal stages when they were admitted at AAMRC. Now, all the above patients have become normal and live like normal individuals.

Sarcomas are curable by Ayurveda medicines and procedures.

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