Cancer Ayur Talk series Part- VI

Why SJ 29 as preventive and prophylactic medicine for cancer?

We have witnessed cure of cancer in many patients. It is a natural medicine and produces absolutely no side effects or toxicity. We have also seen that it selectively kills the cancer cells without affecting the normal ones. Another unique property of SJ 29 is its palliative nature in primary, secondary and advanced patients. Because of these above reasons SJ 29 is very safe and healthy to consider it as a preventive medicine cancer. We have seen many cancer risky people who had SJ 29 live without any problems for many years. Here are many references of Sarcoma, lung, colorectal, breast, ovary, prostrate, brain, Lymphoma cancer patients who have cured with SJ 29 therapy and continuing SJ 29 alone for many years ( in some case more than 10 years). detoxification for prevention in cancer risk individuals.

In AAMRC, organ specific detoxification followed by biochip therapy and supportive medicines and ayurvedic diet program are arranged for cancer detoxification.

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