Name & Address of the patient Diagnosis & Stage Earlier Treatment Period of Treatment at AAMRC Condition as on June 2014

Kerala, India)

Chondrosarcoma lump Rt. aspect of ribs. pain radiated to Rt. Shoulder
and hand.
Surgery-removal of
Chondrosarcoma lump Rt. aspect of ribs
10 days in may 2001.Pain radiating to shoulder and
hand and numbness of post
surgery aspect controlled.
No symptoms of the disease at present.
(since 2001).
Mr. P. Chandran
Kerala, India)
Epitheloma of (leg) Squamous cell type
(advanced stage)
Excision doneTreated as O.P in 1996 The wound is cleared. No sign
of the disease. No medication
since April 1997.

Mrs.Valsama Thomas
Kerala, India)

Cancer Larynx. Squamous cell Carcinoma
(advanced stage)
RT and Tracheotomy tube
MCH, Kottayam.Dec 1997.
10 days 18/01/99.
Maintenance dose
continued for approximately 6
Patient has no complaints. She looks hail and healthy.

Mrs. C.K. Sudha
W/O Mr. P.K. Ramachandran,
Kerala, India)

Cancer colon
(Had Bleeding)
No specific
treatment. But blood
transfusion from
MCH. Calicut.
10 days(14/05/01)
to (23/05/01)
Complaints controlled. No
medication since May 2002.
Master Ranjith
S/O Mr. K. Prabhakaran
Kerala, India)
Ewings TumorChemotherapy,
One fortnight (Feb
Free of complaints. No
medicines from AAMRC
since Feb. 1998 Currently,
married and leading a family life

Mr. P. Abdul Rahman Kutty
S/o Mr. Aboobacker
Kerala, India)

(Brain tumour)
Advanced stage
Surgery July 1996
Kasturba Hospital
6 months (approx.)Free of cancer symptoms. Since Dec. 1997 He is working in NIT canteen (Chathamangalam) where he was working previously.

Mr. M. Govindan
Tamil Nadu, India)

Squamous cell carcinoma cheek Stage IIHad some allopathic
and homeopathic treatment, On diagnosing his disease
Sq. Ca. of cheek CT and RT were advised from MCH, Calicut. which he did not do.
12 days
(11/11/98 to 22/11/98)
continued maintenance
dose of medicines for
some more days
Complete cure. No sign of ulcer. He is a poojari (priest) in a temple. He is doing his normal chores in life and very healthy and happy. No AAMRC Medication since Dec. 1998.
Mr. K. Achuthan Nair
Kerala, India)
Squamous cell carcinoma tongue (advanced stage)CT and RT MCH, Calicut. in Jan-98, recurrence in /98,and treatment at Kasturba Hospital, Manipal in 8/98 and surgery. Nasolabial flap reconstruction done.
Developed submandibular swelling in 12/98 and had local excision.
12 days,
28/9/99 to 9/10/99
and maintenance dose
for one month. Reviewed after one month excellent condition.
Excellent on review in January 2000. No symptoms of the disease exists
Baby Kavya
D/o Mr. Krishnakumar
Kerala, India)
Lt. lower mandible
(Advanced stage)
Tumor surgery excised in at G. Karuppa Swamy Naidu Hospital, Coimbatore. April 199712 days, 28/9/99 to 9/10/99 and maintenance dose for one month. Reviewed after one month excellent condition.No symptoms of disease Hail
and healthy (No. specific
medication for the disease since
Jan. 2000)
Uterus CancerHysterectomy (2003) Chemotherapy was not
tolerated. Metastasis
Medication for 3
months (2003) Biochip
treatment at AAMRC
(March ‘06).
No signs of Cancer in repeated pap smear tests. currently living like a normal individual.

62 yrs
Kerala, India)

Renal tumour with thrombosis -Feb 2007 Psoriasis since 1999

Nephrourectomy(Rt) --Feb '0721 days treatment at at AAMRC. medication continued for 6 months.No signs of the disease. Complete recovery of Psoriasis.

Madhavi N
70 yrs (Thalassery,
Kerala, India)

Cancer sigmoid colon -July'06

Sigmoid colectomy
July 06 Amrita Institute of medical science and research centre, Kochi

Treatment from AAMRC -21 days and continued medication for another 2 months at home.

The patient looks normal and cheerful No complaints or signs of recurrence.

Igor Mette 
41 yrs
Sarcoma 1999,
Recurrence - 2002
Surgery 2001, 2002
Radiation therapy - 2003
Symptomatic treatment at AAMRC July 2006. Continuing Medicines at homeRemarkable recovery of pain & suffering. No increase of size of tumour. Goes to work and lives like a normal individual.

Mr. Nageshwar Rao
(Bangalore, India)

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,
Swelling in Rt. Neck
Sept 2007

CT at St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore, May 2008

21 days treatment at AAMRC Sept 2008 and continued medication

No signs of disease at present. Normal life  & healthy living

Mr. Mohan Talreja, (Delhi, India)

Colon Cancer, Cystic Liver,
Oct 2008

Surgery, Hepatic flexure of Colon, Oct 200 at Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi, No Chemotherapy

Conventional 21 days treatment at AAMRC
Nov. 2008

Avoided Chemotherapy and availed AAMRC treatment.
As on this date Mr. Mohan is fine and healthy

Dr. Manoj  Singh,
(Durgapur, West Bengal, India)

Fibro sarcoma
Abdominal wall mass (1/3rd) of long duration

Excision of Abdominal wall mass in 2008.
Recurrence, excision continued at AMR Institute Kolkata. Last consultation & excision conducted at Tata MGM Hospital, Mumbai in March 2008

Conventional treatment at AAMRC and stopped medication after May 2009

No recurrence of the disease after AAMRC treatment. Dr. Singh is a Cardiologist and practises in Durgapur

Mr. George (USA)


Neck swelling excised in March 2009,
CT done in 2013

For the last 4 years periodic treatment at AAMRC

Remarkable recovery. No signs of disease. Healthy & happy living

Mrs. Janaki (Hyderabad, India)

Non- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Epidural Mass

Surgical removal of epidural Lymphoma. post CT and RT at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Secunderabad Oct 2009

Treatment at AAMRC in Jan, Sept. 2010

Mrs. Janaki can walk without support no recurrence of the disease reported so far.

Mrs. Francis B (Orissa, India)

Cervix Cancer with Hypercholesterolemia

Total Hysterectomy at Appollo Hospital Bangalore in Sept 2009

Conventional SJ – 29 therapy in Nov. 2009

No complaints till now. Lives happily and healthy

Mrs. Somakumari (Idukki, Kerala, India)

Endometrial  Adenocarcinoma with ovarian cyst

Laporactomy at Lissie Hospital, Kochi, India
June 2011

Conventional SJ – 29 therapy and associated procedures June 2011

After surgery only Ayurvedic therapy was followed. No signs of recurrence.  Now   Somakumari  is married and living happily

Mr. Pushkar Kulkarni
(Pune, India)

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,

RT, CT and Bone marrow Transplantation done. Recurrence with Metastasis

SJ – 29 therapy in Oct. 2013, continuing medication

Disease symptoms have subsided. Leads a healthy and happy life.

Dr. Vinod Bhushan
(Bihar, India)

Glioblastoma multiformed

Partial Craniotomy and decompression Jan & April 2014
RT in May 2014 at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon

SJ – 29 therapy Jan. 2014 symptomatic medication continued

No recurrence of the disease till this date. Healthy & Cheerful

Mrs. Meenakshi, S (Puthukottai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Cancer breast 2004 and 2007. Bone metastasis Lumbo Sacral Vertebrae Sept .2012

Mastectomy Hernioplasty Meenakshi Mission Hospital Madurai Gastro Care Hospital Trichy Dec.2011

SJ-29 therapy and other procedures Dec.2012

Complete recovery from pain and sufferings. However continues some of the medicines as precaution. Healthy and Happy

Ms. Pratibha K
(Calicut, India)

Uterus Cancer

Total Hysterectomy Sept 2010,  Calicut Medical College

Classical SJ – 29 Therapy

No CT and RT performed. No symptoms of the disease reoccurred so far

Mr.Jose KT
(Bangalore, India)

Ocular Melanoma, Rt. Ocular nodule with sub retinal extension, decreased vision, Manipal Hospital Bangalore

No treatment elsewhere

Classical symptomatic treatment at AAMRC and continued medication at home

No recurrence of the disease reported so far.  Healthy & Cheerful

Mr. Kunjikannan
(Badagara, Calicut, India)

Cancer Prostate

Bilateral Orchiectomy
PVS Hospital, Kozhikode
Jan 2013

SJ – 29 therapy

Stopped medication since May 2014. No more micturition and catheterization needed. Normal routine and happy life.

Mr. Noel Rivoire

Cancer Lung
Brain &Vertebral metastasis

Surgical intervention of lung July 2012
RT April 2013
CT July 2013

Symptomatic medication at home

Substantial recovery from brain metastasis and other symptoms are almost cleared. Medication is continued

Ann Mukkerjee
(New Delhi, India)

Cancer Lung
Cancer treatment in 1985

Cancer treatment 1985 post surgery, CT & RT at Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

SJ – 29 therapy continuing medication at home

Free of Cancer. No signs of the disease as on this day.

Mr. Madan Mohan Nayak
(Cuttack,  India)

GE Junction, Gastric Outlet obstruction, Renal Cyst

Surgery  July 2012
Kalinga Hospital Bhubaneshwar

SJ – 29 therapy
Dec. 2012

Healthy & Happy. No major health complaints
Medication is continued

Mr. Bhasker Narkhede
(Pune, India)

Prostate Cancer
Bone metastasis
Nov 2012

No treatment elsewhere

SJ – 29 therapy only and few medications are continued

PSA values became nil after the treatment. Mr. Bhasker is very healthy & happy

Mr. Wilfred Peres
(Goa, India)

Osteosarcoma Rt. Leg ankle joint in 2009
Lung Metastasis in Jan 2014

CT in 2009 Rt. knee amputation April 2013 Pulmonary Metastatectomy 2012 Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

SJ – 29 therapy

No signs of recurrence reported. Leads a normal life

Mrs. Vijaya Rani
(Andhra Pradesh)

Synovial Sarcoma
Lung Metastasis

Rt. Synovial Sarcoma in 2004
Surgery Thigh & Lungs
Sept. 2013

Classical SJ – 29 therapy
Medication is still continuing

No signs of the disease reported. Feels healthy & leads a happy life

Antony KK
(Ernakulam, Kerala, India)

Non Hodgkin’s  Lymphoma  Swelling Lt. Neck
July 2013

LN removed from Lt. Neck July 2013
CT 2 cycles Aug. 2013
Re-occurrence with severe side effects

21 day treatment at AAMRC Oct. 2014

Excellent relief from the disease symptoms. Leading a healthy life

Mrs. Shyama Jomon
(Ernakulam, Kerala, India)

Malignant Mesothelioma with Tuberculosis
Dec. 2013

Mesothelioma, Chronic Liver disease, peri hepatic fluid, pelvic ascitis

21 day treatment at AAMRC Jan. 2014

Free of complaints and leads a normal life. Anti TB medicines are continued.

Beeran Musaliyar

Lung Cancer (Aug’05) (Sq. carcinoma with hemoptysis)

No Specific treatment

Conservative anti cancer treatment at AAMRC (Sept’05)

No complaint of hemoptysis since March 2006. Looks healthy and happy


HH Radhnath Swami (ISKON Mumbai,India)

Colon Cancer (Suspected) May 2006

St. Luk’s Hospital Newyork

21 days treatment at AAMRC

No complaints of the disease reported

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