Cancer Ayur Talk Series - Part I

I am Dr. Zacharia Jacob, Director and chief Physician of Athulya Ayurvedic Medical Research Centre, Mundikkal Thazham, Calicut. Here, I am very happy to share my views and observations regarding cancer. It is presented as cancer Ayur talk series. Today’s first part covers an introduction about cancer to the viewers.

Cancer is known as Arbhuda in Ayurveda. Cancer is the most discussed and researched modern medical subject in the world. Still discussions and researches are going on relentlessly without any concrete conclusions.

Why cancer is important to us because there is no 100% cure. Its psychological, Sociological and economic impact on every individual patient and the society are very threatening.

Now let us examine the claims of Ayurveda and where it stands. In Charaka and Srusritha samhithas the epidemiology and treatment of arbhudha are not vividly documented. Many links are missing. So, there is enough scope for research in cancer treatment in ayurveda.

There are six types of Arbhuda ( V,P,K, Rekhta, Mamsa and Medhas). One should bear in mind that there are many other diseases like Vidhradhi, gulma and Dhadhugathajwara have similar epidemiology and prognosis of Arbhuda. But they are not cancerous ( benign).

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