Cancer Ayur Talk Series - Part II

Epidemiology and prognosis:

In modern medicines the epidemiology and prognosis of cancer are extensively studied. But in the vedic periodic this subject not extensively studied and recorded In ayurveda, the epidemiology and prognosis are explained as five different stages

All the five stages of Nidhanam, Poorvarupa, Upasayasthatham, Samprapthi are mentioned in the following verses.

This means that free disposing factors cause to create impure V, P, K, mamsa, medasa. These humors are formed systemic or exogenous cyst, plaque or nodes which gradually become malignant. There are classifications of Athyrbhudha and dwirarbhudham. Recurrence of tumors in the same spot is called Athyarbhudham. In dwirarbhudham two tumors are formed.

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