Cancer Ayur Talk Series Part –IV

Ayurvedic Cancer therapy an overview

In general, there are curable (Sadhya) and incurable (asadhya) diseases. Arbudha caused by vata, pita, kapha, mamsa and medas are curable (Sadhya) but raktharbudha is incurable (Asadhya)

Now a days sadhya arbudha turns to Krichra sadhya because of apathya ahara and viharas and wrong management of treatment.

Sadhya arbudhas become asadhya due to improper management and treatment. Here apathya ahara and Vihara are the causative factors

Treatments are of two types viz- Samana Chikithsa and Sodhana chikithsa. Sodhana chikithsa are little agressive and this is followed by samana chikithsa.

The general line of treatments are sodhana chikithsa ( Panchakarma), Dhatwagni chikithsa ( Correction of metabolic defects), Rasayana Prayoga (Immuno therapy), Vyadhi Prathyaneeka Chikithsa (anticancer drugs), Lakshaneeka chikithsa (Symptomatic treatment) and Sashthra chikithsa (surgical treatment).

Whatever may be the line of treatment, patient should be treated physically, psychologically and spiritually (counseling).

Bhishag (Doctor), Dravya (medicines), Upastha (nurse) and Rogi (patient) are the four factors in treatment.

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