SJ-29 is a novel anti-cancer drug which is a divine gift of Ayurveda.

Nowadays Ayurveda has got widespread recognition which has never been received in the history of Ayurveda. Modern science accepted many of the Ayurvedic drugs and their applications. Ayurveda can successfully cure many diseases which are said to be incurable by the modern science and Ayurveda can do a lot in the field of cancer treatment.

Cancer is collection of over 200 diseases, in which cells of an organ or tissue in the body become abnormal, growing and multiplying out of control. But it is not confined to a particular group of cells. On the other hand the whole body functions are impaired, in such a situation one should realize the importance of Ayurvedic principles in the treatment because Ayurveda is the treatment of whole body and mind. It is because of such a concept of Ayurveda, Dr. Z. Jacob has very effectively developed a new protocol for Cancer treatment.The Doctor combined traditional knowledge with modern research and developed this medicine in America. Further research was conducted at the Oncology Department in Columbia University for confirming the anticancer property. This was the beginning of SJ 29 story, and he returned home and started giving medicine. And after 28 years of experience in the field of Cancer treatment he has many stories to tell as there are hundreds of patients from all over the world. Many of them are now totally free of the disease and others are happy because the treatment extended their lifespan. We can read their happiness from their faces.

The medicine is obtained from the extract of Calotropis Gigantea R. Br and is safe with no harmful or toxic substances. The extract shows highly inhibitory action against Cancer cell multiplication in all dilution, to be more specific, the Thymidine synthesis for the multiplication of Cancer cells are inhibited by SJ-29 dro concentrate. Thus, further growth and multiplication is not possible. This globally patent filed Dr. Jacob's SJ-29 is administered along with the specially formulated classical medicines like SJ-29 V, SJ-29 P, SJ-29 K, SJ-29 VPK etc. according to the type, intensity etc. of the cancer. The preparation of Dr.Jacobs SJ-29 is produced in drops, syrups, ointments, capsules, etc.

The features are:

  • The drug destroys only the Cancer affected cells and not the healthy cells of the body.
  • Does not cause any side effects
  • Manufactured only from natural ingredients.
  • it contains no artificial chemicals or minerals.
  • The only medicine in the history of Cancer which guarantees cure and good health
  • Gives solace to terminally ill patients


It was in 1993 that the anti cancer properties of SJ - 29 was discovered. Manufacturing was started in 1995 and patients were administered the drug. Amazingly all patients reported a relief from pain and started living their life with more confidence. The success of the drug led to other drugs being developed which could be used along with the SJ - 29.

This Novel Drug (Prepared in traditional Ayurvedic style) when administered in various categories of volunteer patients gave astonishing results of cure, relief of pain and suffering (palliative) and increased expectancy of life span. The medicine is safe, leaving no side effects on administration. Also this unique treatment is less expensive. Complete success of this treatment requires interdisciplinary approach, spirited team work and proper Government support. Exploratory research is warranted to see that SJ-29 could be used as a prophylactic drug.

SJ 29 has been prepared as an oral drug and in ointment form.

Age Daily dosage for cure Daily dosage for health maintenance
0 – 1 years1 drop1 drop for 3 months or more
1 – 5 years1 – 2 drops1 – 2 drops for 3 months or more
5 – 10 years2 – 3 drops2 drops for 3 months or more
10 – 15 years3 drops 3 times3 drops for 3 months or more
15 years & above5 drops 2 – 3 times5 drops 2 – 3 times for 3 months or more


According to the age of the patient and the severity of the disease the dosage is fixed. The haemoglobin level has to be maintained at 9% using iron supplements. In certain cases other medicines are also to be given in addition to the SJ – 29. It can also be used in prevention also.

A case study

A 11 month old Hungarian born baby Sara came to AAMRC with the rare disease Neuroblastoma. By taking SJ – 29 along with other associated medicines, the baby was cured from the bane of the disease.
Many terminally ill patients have come back to life with the use of SJ – 29 and many have found relief from pain and lengthened the span of life.

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