Herbal Cure for Cancer

Breakthrough in cancer Research - Invention of SJ- 29 and its therapeutic Efficacy in the treatment of cancer


SJ-29 is a novel anti-cancer drug invented in 1993. This Novel Drug (Prepared in traditional Ayurvedic Style) when administered in various categories of volunteer patients gave astonishing results of cure, relief of pain and suffering (palliative) and increased expectancy of life span. The medicine is safe, leaving no side effects on administration. Also this unique treatment is less expensive. Complete success of this treatment requires interdisciplinary approach, spirited team work and proper Government support. Exploratory research is warranted to see that SJ-29 could be used as a prophylactic drug.
The author is very happy and privileged to present this invited article in the souvenir of the forthcoming All India Ayurvedic Congress, 4th Annual Conference to be held at Madurai on 22nd December, 1996. Till recently, cure of cancer by herbal medication has been unimaginable. But, this has become a reality when the author witnessed relief or non-recurrence of the disease in many volunteer patients treated with the herbal medicine SJ-29.

Background and Invention of SJ-29

The invention of SJ-29 as an anticancer drug was accidental. The author was in search for natural sources of anti-HIV compounds, since the outbreak of AIDS in 1980.


  • The medicine (tablet, drops, syrup and ointment) prepared was administered to volunteer patients who had no hope of survival. The results were amazing. The author would like to share his most satisfied moments of research when faces of many patients who got second lives from their terminal stages. It is worthwhile to quote few instances.
  • Curing of paralyzed and vision impaired Brain Tumor patients.
  • Curing of rarely seen cases of Spindle Cell Sarcoma, Chondrosarcoma and other Sarcomas.
  • Regaining of normalcy with a single drop of medicine daily in a five year old child stage III and IV breast, Ovarian and Cervix cancer Patients.
  • Epithelioma and Histocytoma patients (once advised for amputation of their limbs) now working like normal individual.
  • Listening to speeches of speechless (vocal cord affected ) patients,
  • Survival of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Lung Cancer and Prostrate Cancer patients
  • Increasing the life expectancy of Lymphoma patients.
  • Obtaining normalcy in Wilm tumor, Ewing Sarcoma, Neuroblastoma, Astrocytoma, Meningioma patients.
  • Getting pain relief and subsequent frequent deaths of terminal patients with Pancreatic or Hepatobilary or Renal Cancer.

Continued medication in calculated dosages by the clock and by the ladder and supplementary symptomatic treatment gave definite relief, even for certain patients (having cancer advanced stages) whose vital organs lost functioning or destroyed. Effective cure without any recurrence in a reasonable period of time has been observed in all categories of Cancer at different sites viz. Breast, Colon, Germ cell, Gestation, Lung, Oesophazus, Prostrate and other forms like Leukamia, Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Oesteosarcoma, Neuroblastomas, Meningoima, etc.

Perspectives of SJ-29 Treatment

The outcome of this particular style of treatment has been demonstrated to be a superior success in saving lives or improving the quality of life. But the execution of effective treatment based on certain protocols or strategies needs team approach involving health care professionals (preferably interdisciplinary), social workers, family members, psychologists and representatives of the Government, International agencies, etc. Therefore, the author urges the Governments of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Union of India and of the globe to immediately choose this efficacious, indigenous, and economic style of treatment for the betterment of mankind.
Most of the Cancers are incurable when diagnosed. Looking at the importance of the above statement it is worthwhile to note that there are indications that SJ-29 could be used as a prophylactic drug, as it is safe and has no side effects up on administration. This could be executed, monitored and assessed initially in selected Cancer prone individuals community at village or panchayath levels, over a period of time. It is reiterated that these endeavors require concerted research and support from the Government and the agencies like, WHO.
The Author is a Medical Scientist and Biotechnologist belonging to a family of Traditional Herbal Medical Practioners.

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