According to the Ayurvedic system of medicine the dreaded cancer is defined as a disease wherein certain predisposing complaints of impure gas, bile, phlegm, blood, protein or fat either alone or in combination with any of the factors cause to develop primarily non-malignant and painless round or deep rooted plaques/cysts which gradually spread and excruciate severe pain. Of the various types, cancer caused by impure blood and protein are incurable. Others are curable, provided the patient receives early medical attention and systematic treatment depending on the type of impurities that caused the disease. (Ashtangahridaya). While looking at the above highly advanced Vedic science literature (definitions, prognosis and treatment ). One would naturally be astonished and asked "Why this regimen did not make further headway in the post Vedic eras?". In this article, the author points out the reasons for the downfall of this science, compares it with the modern science and reports on the development of a novel discipline for the treatment of cancer.

The Ashtangahridaya explanations given for cancer affecting glands, thyroid, vocal cord, blood, etc. are more descriptive than those of modern sciences. The Ayurvedic Acharyas described the prognosis and method of treatment in the form of psalms (slokas), but it is very difficult to comprehend them in the absence of full explanations in vernacular. However, one can apparently make out certain principles that are almost similar to what is now available in the modern medical sciences. For example, terms like dysplasia, metastasis and stages III & IV (advanced stages) manifesting the presence of highest degree of impurities that could not be expelled from the system leading to excruciation and ultimate death.

In the ancient times, the incidence of cancer might have been very rare while the life style itself was in attunement with the nature and the people were taking only appropriate natural Ayurvedic medicines (not chemical based as of now) whenever any treatment was needed at all. This regimen thrived well with the same state of the art till the colonial rule in India. The period prior to the colonial rule did not witness any effective attempts by any one to contribute substantially as the then system was profoundly infallible. Also it might have been found enough to satisfy the then prevailing health and socio-economic status of the society. Thus further progress was at stand still. The downfall of its popularity started with the introduction of allopathic system. The limitations of this system for the treatment of patients with stages III and IV are well known. Even now it is noteworthy to mention that nobody puts the efforts to understand and research by taking leads from the learning's of Acharyas.

According to the classification of modern system of medicines, there are more than hundred kinds of cancers. However, the common features are that it hampers the normal growth of the cells and spreads to affect the adjacent tissues or organs.

Our recent hypothesis on cancer is that it is a deficiency syndrome caused by certain categories of metabolites leading to allergic manifestation in the form of high density neoplasmic fluids. Hence it could also be considered as a physiological abnormality.

Cancer is also a laterogenic disease when caused by drug abuse, exposure to polluted environment of chemicals, unhealthy radiation, unhealthy food habits and uptake of toxic substances. Offspring's of such patients also genetically carry such traits wherein their bone marrow is affected, proper production of blood constituents is affected and cause diseases like thalassemia, leukamia, myelofibrosis systems are impaired; as a result, neoplasmic fluids are produced in the system and excruciate pain and sufferings (naddy) and infiltrate to different organs called metastasis (gathy).

The neoplasmic high density fluids are of no use to the system, and it is like a thorn. Theses fluids get either localized or circulated in the system through blood or lymph. The lymphatic system cannot function properly to get rid of it and becomes more sensitive and regionally enlarges. As the situation continues, more nodes are thus formed which gradually get lesions and cause severe pain. When thick fluids are obstructed of their passage through trauma affected or injury affected muscular portions solidify and form tumors.

Balanced metabolic activities require proper absorption of primary and secondary metabolites. While in diseased conditions toxic substances, over or under production of enzymes, acids or hormones hamper the activities. It was after serious thinking about the effect of certain defective tumors of the body research on the medicine suitable for the eradication of such evils was made and the unique SJ-29 drug was invented in 1993. But the invention of the medicine alone was not enough. An important factor requiring consideration in this context is that how it could remove the noxious substances from the system. It is important to evolve a suitable situation to make an efficient route. In the modern system, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy etc. are the conventional methods of treatment. In contrary to the conventional strategies a new discipline in which emphasis has been given to the carrier and the route of administration of medicine, has been developed. By this special method, a patient in initial stage can get cured without resorting to the surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. A good number of patients who have passed the dysplasia stage and reached stages II, III and IV have also been benefited by this new method of treatment; some relief of pain while some others got cure and extension of life span. Video cassette on the interviews conducted in March, 1997 with the patients who had the benefit of this novel invention is being exhibited now for your information. You may kindly view it.

A hypothesis on the working of SJ-29 has also been developed. Let us examine it. SJ-29 does the anti sensing process at the molecular level and stops further growth of the cancer and removes the evils from the body. During this period, certain food restrictions are imposed and some regulated diet is prescribed for the patients. The process of anti sensing is always at slow pace in every patient. In order to accelerate it a specific therapy the patient gets great relief from pain and sufferings, and thus make an impetus on the improved life style, prolonged span and cure.

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