“I got it confirmed as Breast Cancer after a few tests and check-ups from different hospitals. My brother from Delhi asked me to consult Dr. Jacob at AAMRC. When we met him, he told me that it will be relieved within 14-21 days. 3-4 days after admission I felt so relieved and normal. Now I am really fine and happy.”

“When my sister-in-law got brain cancer, we got to know about this centre while we were surfing the internet. Her condition was so much improved by the treatment from AAMRC. So we came here when my son has got this condition called Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (blood-related cancer). Within three days we could see the improvement in my son also. So, we suggest AAMRC to everyone.”

“I was diagnosed with cancer back in 2014. I travelled to India for treatments. After getting various Chemo and other devastating treatments, I was again diagnosed with lung cancer in 2016. Despite many Chemo and other treatment options, I again have to hear the news of new developments of cancer in my body. After losing hopes in the treatments, I looked forward to an alternative. And that is where I find Athulya Medical Centre and Research. So, I went through their website and I was looking and I was reading all about this alternative medicine and I said, let us give it a try. I can testify and say that these drugs are amazing. Anyone who is outside there, and once to visit India for Ayurvedic treatment, please come to AAMRC. And you’ll be helped by Dr. Jacob. Honestly, he has done a tremendous job and I keep on encouraging people don’t give up because there is hope outside here”.  

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